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  • Mitochondrial Complex
  • Mitochondrial Complex

Mitochondrial Complex

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Mitochondrial Complex is a formulary blend of nutrients, nutraceuticals, botanicals, and Krebs cycle intermediates designed to support efficient mitochondrial metabolism and energy (adenosine triphosphate [ATP]) production for increased vitality. Mitochondrial Complex was designed to support the function of the mitochondria, “the powerhouse of the cell.” This formula may be appropriate for anyone wishing to promote overall cellular and tissue vitality and health, including those wanting to increase energy output for athletic performance.*

  • Clinical Applications

    • Supports normal cellular energy production
    • Helps to maintain healthy body composition
    • Supports normal cognitive function
    • May mitigate age-related decline in mitochondrial density and function

    Mitochondrial Complex is a synergistic blend of nutrients and botanicals designed to support the mitochondria, which is nicknamed the “powerhouse of the cell.” This cell component is primarily responsible for producing more than 90% of the energy (or adenosine triphosphate [ATP]) for cells and associated tissues. Efficient and optimally functioning mitochondria can support normal energy levels, healthy body composition, vitality, and health.

    Environmental and food toxins (e.g., pesticides, chemical fertilizers, radiation, smog, smoke, and preservatives) may have damaging effects on cellular components, including the mitochondria. Exposure to these toxins can encourage harmful free radicals to accumulate and create oxidative stress, which contributes to compromised mitochondrial function and other damage in the body. Aging, nutrient deficiencies, certain conditions, and medications may additionally contribute to excess free radicals and mitochondria dysfunction. This deprives other cellular components of energy and subsequently accelerates their damage and degradation, which causes them to function less efficiently.

    Providing the mitochondria with key nutrients involved in energy production and antioxidants (such as those in Mitochondrial Complex) to counter free radicals may support healthy energy levels and normal mitochondrial function.


    • Nutrients to support various steps in cellular energy production
    • Resveratrol and curcumin to support formation of new mitochondria and antioxidant status
    • Creatine MagnaPower® providing 100 mg of magnesium and 550 mg of creatine
    • B vitamins in bioactive forms
    • Vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO

    Suggested Use:

    Take 4 capsules per day with meals or as directed by your health-care practitioner. (Divided dosing recommended.)

  • Coenzyme Q10

    A critical component of energy (ATP) production and an important antioxidant that also helps regenerate other antioxidants.

    Alpha-lipoic acid

    Assists various enzymes that function in the energy-producing pathways of the body and promotes antioxidant status, including to help regenerate other antioxidants.


    Aids in shuttling fats from the bloodstream into the mitochondria where they are converted into energy.


    Supports additional energy production and is necessary for healthy mitochondria.


    A building block of coenzymes and ATP involved in many of the energy-producing pathways.

    Malic and succinic acids

    Specific components of the Krebs cycle, one of the main energy-producing pathways in the mitochondria.

    B vitamins and magnesium

    Involved in many different steps in the energy production process.

    Resveratrol and curcumin

    Botanicals that encourage the natural production of additional mitochondria within the cell and support antioxidant status

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