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Supporting you in making dietary changes to optimize your health.

At Green Circle Wellness we offer personalized nutrition to help leverage human individuality and drive nutrition strategies that can prevent, manage, and treat disease and optimize health. 

Every single part of our body needs specific vitamins and minerals to function properly. What we put into our bodies affects us right down to the cellular level. 

Nutrients aid in communication throughout the body, proper function throughout the body, protection from what the body sees as a threat, prevention from many chronic diseases we see today, proper aging, and allows your body to do what it does best — thrive at optimal levels.

Individualized Advice & Support

Your Bio-individuality are the differences in your biochemistry, metabolism, genetics, and microbiota that all contribute to the dramatic differences among individuals in response to their nutrition. When it comes to our health, there is no “One Size Fits all Plan”. 

To measure your Bio-individuality, we run comprehensive lab testing such as: Full Blood Work, Nutraeval Vitamins Test, GI Stool Test, and Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing. This information empowers our Registered Dietitian with the necessary information needed to customize your own personalized nutrition plan. 

During Nutrition Consultations our Registered Dietitian will provide you with the education, tools, support, and guidance you need to optimize your health and meet your wellness goals.

What is my Bio-individuality?


Individualized care starts with getting to know you. Our dietitians conducts an in-depth assessment of your:

Analyzing your routines, everyday environments, and stress levels inform our dietitians of external factors that impact your health.


Getting a baseline understanding of your current eating habits enables us to make meaningful adjustments that are sustainable.

Dietary habits

Predispositions based on your genealogy play a significant role in building a diet that is based on your biology.

Family History

Test and lab work paint a picture of your bio-individuality, helping us determine the proper treatment plan for you as an individual.


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