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Explore new approaches to learned patterns and achieve heightened self awareness.

Clinical Hypnosis has been extensively studied in clinical trials to aid in the management of addiction, anxiety, depression, pain, sleep problems as well as weight, maladaptive habits and behaviors, and performance.  

Experience a sustained state of relaxed attention, where the background is faded, your peripheral awareness diminished, and are intensely focused on the foreground of your awareness. 

During a Green Circle hypnosis session, we help you relearn patterns that no longer serve you and “plant” new seeds to create a fresh operating system in your mind that helps you achieve your goals.

Guided Clinical Hypnosis

In hypnosis you are not asleep or unconscious. In fact, it could be said that in hypnosis you are more awake than usual given the increased attention. Unburdened from internal “chatter,” hypnotism enables you to hyper focus on your goals. 

It’s common for first time patients to be fearful of losing control at the will of the hypnotist. Others fear that easily being hypnotized is correlated to being mentally weak. Both of these misconceptions are far from the truth, as the ability to be hypnotized is strongly related to better mental health and self-awareness. In a hypnotic state you reach a heightened sense of awareness giving your greater control of your conscious and unconscious behaviors and decisions.

What Clinical Hypnosis is NOT


Working with you to gain control over your behaviors, anxieties, and thought patterns.

Before your visit, you’ll receive a Hypnosis Questionnaire designed to tailor your session to your personal goals.

Step 1

At the start of your session we’ll start with a Q&A to get to know your hypnotist and get comfortable with your setting.

Step 2

During your 60 minute session we’ll address specific issues you’d like to work on and apply new coping skills targeting your goals.

Step 3

Following your session you’ll be sent a recording and self-guided steps to continue the healing process.

Step 4


Improving your health & wellbeing

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Sleep Problems

  • Weight Problems

  • Maladaptive Habits & Behaviors

  • IBS

  • Other Functional Intestinal Disorders (SIBO, Dysbiosis)

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