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We will help you find the most holistic path to healing and longevity.

Committed to Care

Green Circle Wellness is Chicago’s most progressive center for integrative care. Forward-thinking and patient-focused, we blend the latest advances in conventional medicine with a wide range of clinically proven and evidence-based alternative therapies.


Supporting your body, mind, and spirit

Functional Medicine
Anti-Aging Medicine
Hormone Therapy
Medical Weight Loss
Nutritional Consultations
IV Therapy & Injectables
Aesthetic Services
Clinical Hypnosis
Ozone Therapy
Gut Flora Optimization

We tailor our approach to support your unique health and wellness goals

Focused time

Health challenges require real attention -which is why our appointments are 30-90 minutes. AT GCW you have plenty of time with your doctor to really dig deep.

Root Cause

Our experienced practitioners work through all your symptoms and focus on identifying and addressing the root cause of your issues.

Evidence Driven

We use comprehensive labs, cutting-edge methodology, and specialty tests to create clear pictures of your specific issues.

Comprehensive Focus

We align the cumulative work of other specialists into a single plan that gives your body the tools it needs to heal itself and restore your health.


Our shop is filled with products that support health, complement treatment plans, and help our patients meet their goals.

Berberine Plus

Berberine Plus supplies berberine combined with alpha lipoic acid to hel...



Created from multiple sources rich in vitamin C, C-Flav includes antioxi...


Candistat Ultra

Candistat Ultra supports optimal GI microflora balance through a blend o...


Core Enzymes

Core Enzymes is comprised of a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes al...


Your partner in health

In a perfect world, your body and its systems work together to keep you functioning at your highest level. But it isn’t a perfect world.


When something goes wrong, just treating the symptoms of that one issue may alleviate the pain or discomfort for a brief time, but unless you examine the entire body and its systems, it will just keep reoccurring.


In our practice, we work to figure out what is going wrong and why.

Heal Holistically: No More Bandaids

Check out Dr. Pavilonis best selling book, No More Bandaids: Your Ultimate Guide to Holistic Healing and Lasting Health and Longevity. Full of easy-to-follow guidelines, wellness strategies, and lived experiences, No More Bandaids empowers you to take control of your health, heal holistically, and lead a life full of wellness and vitality.


Don’t just treat the symptoms; get to the root of the problem - and heal holistically.

Find the

most holistic

way to heal.

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