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Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Integrative Nutritionist & Health Coach

Sarah Baker

Sarah's passion is to help clients uncover the root cause of their health challenges, and to guide them through an approachable nutrition, health and lifestyle blueprint that is unique to them and easy to sustain. Sarah helps clients understand what foods will support their healing process, and what foods may be standing in the way of helping their body find balance. She has worked with clients from all over the U.S for 10 years, helping with lifestyle strategies they can implement at home to help their healing process, meal prep and cooking techniques to sustain appropriate nutrition shifts, behavior change strategies and mindset shifts to achieve positive change, nervous system regulation strategies and so much more.

As a mom, Sarah understands how challenging it can be to prioritize yourself when you are experiencing health issues. This is why all of her programs are detailed yet thoughtfully curated into a step-by-step process that is easy to follow. She holds your hand throughout the process and never makes you feel like you are on this journey alone.

Sarah is a published author of two books: Holistic Wellness and The Vegetarian Cookbook for Teens. You can also find her contributing to various morning shows in the Chicagoland area as an on-air health expert.




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