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Nurse Practitioner

Gina Caifano, MSN-RN

Gina holds a Biological Health Sciences and Masters in Nursing Degree from DePaul University and has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach for over 15 years. She is currently enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner and The Institute of Functional Medicine Practitioner program and will be licensed in 2022.

Her passion stems from helping and educating others to become the most optimal version of themselves through engaging and listening to her patients on a very individual level. Understanding her patients on a personal level allows her to understand the root cause, find solutions, and integratively treat each patient.

You can find Gina programming and coaching functional strength classes on the weekends or endurance running around the City of Chicago with her golden retriever Griffey.

Functional and Integrative Medicine, IV and ozone therapies


Biological Health Sciences, Masters in Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Degrees from DePaul University.Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach. The Institute of Functional Medicine Practitioner program



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