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Licensed medical aesthetician

Michelle Phelps

When you come to Green Circle Wellness for aesthetic treatments, body contouring, and other non-surgical treatments, you will be in the experienced and caring hands of Michelle Phelps, our Licensed Medical Aesthetician. Having worked with some of Chicago’s most prominent plastic surgeons, Michelle has over 10 years of experience in medical aesthetics and skincare. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge about the latest technologies, as well as classic skin rejuvenation treatments.

Michelle joined the Green Circle Wellness team in August 2020. When you meet Michelle for the first time, you will immediately feel like you are with a good friend — who just happens to be an expert in helping people achieve glowing, radiant, and youthful skin. She will listen to you and conduct a thorough consultation focused on helping you design a long-term skincare and wellness plan.

Once your plan is established, Michelle will customize each treatment to your skin type, needs, and goals. As you progress through your treatments, she will revisit your plan and make adjustments as your skin improves and your goals change.

Medical, holistic aesthetic and skin care


She earned her aesthetic license at the Universal Spa Training Academy.

She has continued her education at the International Dermal Institute, the Thrive Skin Institute, and the Morag Currin Oncology Esthetics training.



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